East Meets West Global Dance Fusion

Drive in motion. Stylish man and woman dancing hip-hop in bright clothes on green background at dance hall in neon light. Youth culture, movement, style and fashion, action. Fashionable portrait.

Acclaimed choreographers Jainil Mehta, Sister Omelika, Annelies Richmond, and Emmy award-winning choreographer Dominic Sandoval team up with college dancers from across the country to perform a fusion of contemporary ballet, Bollywood, hip hop, and African dance.

Panchabootham: Indian Symphony and Classical Dance

Indian classical

The five elements will be represented through a symphony of 250 instrumentalists including sitar, veena, tabla, mridangam, flute, ghatam and violin, plus 600 dancers performing a variety of classical Indian dance styles

Arabian Nights: Middle Eastern Dance

Presented by the Sahara Dance and celebrity choreographer Jillina Carlano, three dynamic segments with whirling tanoura, belly dance, and more from the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, and Lebanon

10,000 Garba Dancers for Unity

Garba dance

Grammy Award winning Falu Shah, and other esteemed musicians provide the musical inspiration for 10,000 Garba dancers as they dance around the National Mall in a spirit of celebration.

With Love to Ukraine

A melodious traditional Ukrainian song performed by Canadian women’s choir Sunday Singers under the leadership of a well-known conductor from Kyiv (Ukraine) Olena Astasheva, who had to leave her motherland due to war.

Dream with Ukraine

A Ukrainian folk dance Hopak is a collaborative performance of 10 different Ukrainian Dance Schools and Ensembles from multiple states in the US. This victorious and celebratory dance was put together to support Ukraine and her cultural heritage in the hardest times of her nation.